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Planning a July wedding? Congratulations! July is a month filled with warmth, sunshine, and vibrant colors – the perfect backdrop for your special day. One essential element of any wedding is the flowers. They add beauty, fragrance, and a touch of nature to your celebration. In this article, we’ll guide you through the best flowers for a July wedding, helping you create a stunning floral display that perfectly complements the summer season.

Popular July Wedding Flowers

  1. Roses: Available year-round, roses come in a wide range of colors and can fit into various wedding themes, including summer ones.
  2. Dahlias: July is the peak season for dahlias, and they come in various sizes and colors, making them a dramatic and stunning choice.
  3. Larkspur: With its tall spikes of flowers, larkspur adds a touch of whimsy and vertical interest to your floral arrangements.
  4. Zinnias: These vibrant and cheerful flowers come in a variety of bold colors, perfect for adding a playful and colorful touch to your wedding decor.
  5. Sunflowers: Large and bright, sunflowers are a quintessential summer flower, bringing warmth and happiness to your wedding.
  6. Snapdragons: These tall, vertical blooms come in a spectrum of colors and add height and texture to your floral designs.
  7. Lilies: Asiatic and Oriental lilies are still in season in July, providing fragrance and beauty to your wedding flowers.
  8. Cosmos: Delicate and airy, cosmos can add a romantic and natural feel to your arrangements.
  9. Delphiniums: Tall and vibrant, delphiniums are available in shades of blue, purple, and white, making them a striking choice for July weddings.
  10. Gardenias: Known for their intoxicating fragrance and elegant appearance, gardenias add a touch of luxury to your wedding flowers.
  11. Hydrangeas: These lush, round blooms come in various colors and can create a soft and romantic atmosphere.
  12. Cockscomb (Celosia): These unique, velvety flowers resemble coral and can add a playful and exotic touch to your arrangements.
  13. Queen Anne’s Lace: This delicate, lacy flower is often used as a filler and can add an ethereal touch to your floral designs.
  14. Gladiolus: Tall and elegant, Gladiolus can create stunning vertical arrangements and come in a spectrum of colors.
  15. Chrysanthemums: These versatile flowers come in various shapes and sizes, making them suitable for different floral designs.
  16. Daisies: Simple and cheerful, daisies are perfect for creating a relaxed and carefree vibe at your wedding.
  17. Statice: Known for its papery, colorful blooms, statice can be a lovely addition to your arrangements.

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Color Schemes for July Weddings

Vibrant Colors for Summer Celebrations

A July wedding is the perfect opportunity to embrace vibrant and bold colors. Summer is all about energy and vibrancy, so don’t be afraid to go bold with your color choices.

Consider warm shades of red, orange, and yellow for a dynamic and eye-catching color scheme. Combine these bold colors with hints of green foliage to create a harmonious and lively atmosphere. Your chosen flowers, such as gerbera daisies or marigolds, can be the focal point of your floral arrangements, showcasing the beauty of summer in full bloom.

Pastel Palettes for Soft, Romantic Vibes

On the other end of the spectrum, if you prefer a softer and more romantic ambiance for your July wedding, consider a pastel color palette. Soft shades of pink, lavender, and peach will add a touch of elegance and charm to your wedding decor.

Incorporate delicate flowers such as garden roses, hydrangeas, or peonies into your arrangements. The combination of pastel colors and lush blooms will create a dreamy and romantic setting, perfect for exchanging your vows.

Final Thoughts: Best Flowers For July Wedding

In conclusion, when it comes to the best flowers for a July wedding, choosing seasonal blooms is key. By embracing the natural beauty and availability of summer flowers, you can create a stunning floral display that perfectly complements your special day. Whether you opt for classic roses, cheerful sunflowers, or elegant lilies, the flowers you choose will contribute to the overall ambiance and theme of your wedding. Embrace the vibrancy of the season and let nature’s masterpiece bloom on your wedding day.

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